Value Stream Views

The Value of Clarity and Rally Software together

ValueOps from a more visual approach

Discover ValueOps (Clarity and Rally) from a much more visual point of view. Highlight the information that both solutions bring to work teams with Value Stream Views, a beautifully designed add on that can display powerful, visual dashboards for Project Managers to interact with the screen in a tactile way. From strategy to operational, users will be able to visualise the organisation’s projects and investments as in a Big Big Room Planning and for the audiences they consider.



Dashboards adapted to the client’s needs:

Teams can define value and track the delivery of value to the customer over time.

Product managers can effectively communicate delivered functionalities and their impact, as well as provide a roadmap of plans and timelines.

It enables organisations to improve their operational and delivery value streams. Teams can realise a number of benefits:

  • Improve alignment. Teams can connect work to outcomes defined as part of the overall business strategy. This creates synergies and alignment across teams, enabling better focus on key outcomes.
  • Reinforce accountability. Product sponsors can more effectively assess whether investments are delivering the desired results.
  • Increase agility. By working from roadmaps, teams can better understand the impact of changes, intelligently assess trade-offs, and iterate faster and smarter.
  • Improve results and ROI. Teams can optimise investments to deliver maximum value. And they can more effectively demonstrate the ROI of investments made.