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Support solutions for the implementation of ValueOps and the deployment of those solutions in organizations

T-Help for companies

TARGET MARKET: service for Clarity will allow you to benefit from the best portfolio and project management solution adapted to your company and with the capacity to grow with your needs. you will have at your disposal the infrastructure and a team of experienced professionals, who will support and help you to evolve your business, with the highest level of manufacturer certification.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: T-Help supports the transition to the new tool in a new implementation or major development of Clarity, Rally or any Broadcom Tool. Through the context menu, videos and documentation, this learning platform accompanies users in their adaptation to the tool, and its evolution over time through the implementation of new functions, processes or developments. Additionally, the solution can gather information to improve
its own design and functionalities.

This platform offers textual tutorials, help videos, documentation and contact forms so that users always have at their disposal the appropriate format for learning. In addition, the integration with Valueops allows T-Help to know the context of the user when making the request for help so that he always receives the one that is relevant to his activity



Adapted to customer necessities:

Enterprise Software — ValueOps

Business — AI + Machine Learning

• Implementation
• Support & Monitoring
• Maintenance

• Consultancy
• Technical implementation
• Developments
• PMO support

Video: Tricise Help

Key Business Outcomes:

      • Fast Implementation development: This action supports quick solutions implementation and training of the users.
      • Change management: Help us to introduce new functionalities
      • Quick tools adoption: It pushes leaders & users to review processes, change and adapt to bring agility to them.

Key Technological Innovations:

      • Integrate an LMS with Valueops: THELP is a solution built to accelerate the processes of adaptation and deployment
      • Fast User Adoption
      • Support for each user steps

Support solutions for the implementation of valueops and the deployment of those solutions in organizations

OBJECTIVES: As a customer, the objective has been to ensure that the investments made in the implementation, customisation and development of Broadcom’s enterprise solutions do not create adaptation problems for users and that their functionalities are fully and optimally utilised. As those in charge of the deployment of these solutions at a corporate level, we are fully aware that the implementation process does not end until all users are fully trained in their use, thus reducing risks and maximising the investment made. Given the high customisation capacity of Clarity and Rally and their continuous evolution in our company, it is necessary to have a help and training tool adapted to each user, contextual and able to incorporate continuously all our business procedures implemented in both solutions.

The main requirements have been:
• Ease of incorporating new content or modifying existing ones.
• Ability to manage multi-format and multimedia materials
• Contextual and adapted to the user’s profile.
• Based on open platforms
• Low price to be used by all Clarity and Rally internal and external users

CHALLENGES: Support of the IT team in the implementation:

• In all client application deployments, it is necessary to have the support of the management or an important sponsor to put pressure on your own team. To optimize response times at the start of implementation.
• Information updated by the PMO. PMO has the responsibility to offer the information in HELP updated and they must guide the users to be self-sufficient. Update changes to the procedure or the introduction of new functionalities.
• Change Control. PMO must track the changes to align with the implementation in the Valueops tools.

The approach used in complex customer implementations with multiple business processes is to promote a continuous improvement dynamic through the use of T-Help. For this, in each development cycle carried out by our team, we include as part of the sprint the addition or modification in T-Help of the affected processes and functionalities, with specific and adapted information for each of the roles of use, including the system administration profiles. In this way, we facilitate the management and use of the Valueops solution for all users involved, eliminating barriers that may eventually lead to a reduction in its use and reduce the expected return of the investment done. A smooth and cost-effective deployment of Valueops solutions in the organisation results in the growth of the business units in which it is implemented and the number of users.


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