What’s on the minds of IT leaders going into the new year?

  • According to the Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report, unnecessary IT complexity is a challenge facing most organizations today and they’re looking to change that.

How can we simplify these processes and deliver more value to our customers in the real world?

  • With a better understanding of IT complexity, large enterprises can partner with their strategic vendors to reduce IT complexity and drive more innovation and business success from it.

Want to know the best practices that leading organisations are using to tame IT complexity and drive innovation?

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What will you learn from this report?

  • What’s on the minds of IT leaders going into the new year?

    Identifying a project’s complexity risk helps firms prioritize resources better.

  • Find a balance between innovation and complexity

    Too much customization creates burdens, adds costs, and spikes risk.

  • Take a modular approach to transformation

    Tackle new features incrementally to reduce stress on legacy systems.

  • Get the C-suite on board

    The study indicates that not all senior executives understand the weight of the problem. Complexity reduction needs funding and executive support.

  • Retire redundant technologies

    Phasing out incompatible systems and redundant technologies is the most common complexity-reduction program, according to the study.

  • Connect systems and increase compatibility

    API-first strategies can help reduce the complexity of connecting disparate applications and improve system interoperability.

  • Train employees

    Organizations that excel at reducing complexity tend to train their employees to promote better utilization of existing tools and systems.

  • Create feedback loops:

    Mitigating complexity starts with listening to how customers and employees experience a service or product. Feedback can help eliminate unnecessary features that lead to unwanted complexity.

  • Develop metrics and measure progress, but see things through

    Measuring progress against objectives and appropriate peer groups can help improve IT complexity reduction efforts.

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