Apta Solutions provides expert PPM consulting services to support organizations in the journey of agile transformation. With a highly experienced team of over 60 consultants we offer consulting services from assessment to adoption, ensuring that our customers get the best solutions to achieve their goals.

Clarity Software

Clarity Software (formerly, CA PPM)

Represents a single platform which allows you to administer the whole life cycle of a project: from the idea to its completion and closing; from the innovation to the most informed strategic investments. Clarity Software helps you to track and prioritize market requirements and clients, and to take better decisions in a way you can optimize your IT business career, services and products

Rally Software

Rally Software (formerly CA Agile Central)

Is an enterprise-class platform specifically created to increase agile development practices. Thanks to Rally Software (formerly CA Agile Central), you will provide your equipment with an environment in which you will be able to: PLAN YOUR TASKS, ORGANIZE THEM BY PRIORITY AND MONITOR THEM synchronously. A centre for equipment with the objective of planning, prioritizing and work tracking in a synchronized cadence.


Blazemeter – Continuous Testing

BlazeMeter is the first simple load test solution for developers and suitable for managing performance throughout the process, maintaining the productivity and efficiency of development teams. Quality control teams, performance engineers and DevOps professionals now also have an easy-to-use performance test solution that has a significantly cheaper consumption-based charge model than that of the competition and offers evidence of stress on demand from anywhere.


Automic – Automation

Automic is a unified platform that allows companies to automate processes, and that by its nature offers the facility to increase the ability to require business needs, as well as the option of updating without downtime, in order to execute processes 24/7. This allows organizations to achieve different aspects of digital transformation, removing inefficiencies within the processes and thus empowering people to work faster, reducing up to 60% in the associated costs.

Layer 7

Layer 7 – Security

Layer 7 is a tool that offers the possibility of recognizing our network traffic through protocols at the application level. Thanks to the iptables, a network administrator can include rules in the filtering of packages such as accepting, rejecting or even saving a log file of certain packages. It is in this tool that Layer 7 enters, expanding the possibilities of iptables giving us the option to specify the application protocol of the connection. Layer 7 (L7 onwards) is therefore a classifier for iptables (Linux packet filtering utility) that identifies packets based on the information of the application layer (in OSI architecture layer 7) hence its name.


AIOps -Artificial Intelligence

AIOps involves the use of advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence techniques to analyze large data from various business and IT operations tools in order to accelerate service delivery, increase IT efficiency and provide a superior user experience. AIOps allows you to get away from the management of isolated operations and provides intelligent information that drives automation and collaboration to experience continuous improvement.



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