Resources planning is a fundamental question for the current business environment, since companies try to obtain the best performance from their project portfolio. This CA PPM module helps you to establish profiles based on abilities for different roles, organize them hierarchically and use bank resources to assign the roles.

Planning of portfolio scenarios will use this information to optimize the use of the existent resources and to locate where the lack of resources is or a deficit of certain abilities required for a project. Users present a series of individual parameters at the level of roles, abilities, availability or organization breakdown structure. It also allows the workflows configuration by request for resources and assignment with the possibility to include multiple and scaled assignments and notifications.

Combine people with projects

Whether your organization uses a formal or informal personnel application process for IT projects or other IT works, CA PPM contributes the flexibility you need to work the way you wish. The resources locator promotes the personnel selection process allowing you to find and select resources quickly to later explore the specific information of each employee: abilities, current resources assignment and individual schedules. You can also consult charts to identify who is being under or over-used making easier for you to find qualified personnel available in all the organization.

Time sheets available in CA PPM allow team members to register time and resources investment on projects, requests and incidences. Once the time sheet is sent, managers responsible for the times approval can verify it is complete and correctly completed before approving it. Great report creation functions provide precise information about time invested by all the resources in the work done.

Balance resources capacity and project demand

“Capacity planning” CA PPM function provides you with data about organization portfolio, showing you the relation between global work (demand) and the total resources availability (capacity). You can see summaries grouped by organizational structure (OBS), hierarchies such as geographic location, departments, type of project and resources functions. Strategic planners can analyse hypothesis about projects changing projects attributes to simulate different possible projects. For example, they can exclude lower priority projects that have been not approved yet or change project dates and resources assignation to see in which way project requirements change.

Identify and monitor abilities and experiences

In an environment of continuous personnel training, development and rotation, the company should meet the challenge of identifying, classifying and organizing personnel abilities. Abilities management tool allows the quick identification of the optimum resources available for each project. CA PPM offers a method to understand personnel abilities, allowing to monitor their development, experience and level of interest.