Rally Software (CA Agile Central) is an enterprise-class platform specifically created to increase agile development practices. Thanks to it, you will provide your equipment with an environment in which you will be able to: PLAN YOUR TASKS, ORGANIZE THEM BY PRIORITY AND MONITOR THEM synchronously. A centre for equipment with the objective of planning, prioritizing and work tracking in a synchronized cadence. Connect your development work with the commercial initiatives more important of your company. Measure productivity, predictability, quality and responsiveness with performance evaluations in real time.

Connect strategy with execution.

Do you strive to make faster, smarter decisions? Your execution and delivery must align to your business strategies at all times. Agile software like Rally Software (CA Agile Central) helps to align strategy and daily work, track and manage delivery, and leverage data to accurately measure performance.

Plan and prioritize to quickly deliver value.

With Project and Portfolio Hierarchy, you can have deep visibility into the work that your teams are doing and how it ties to your business strategy and customer value. Your people can be aligned with each other, their work and with strategic objectives. The result? You can build the right products, in the right way at exactly the right time.

Match delivery to company and customer expectations.

Rally Software (CA Agile Central) provides visibility into how your teams are meeting business objectives. With Release Tracking and Metrics, you get a comprehensive roll-up of progress, dependencies, alignment and plan health—so teams and groups can maintain schedules, make intentional decisions and understand change.

Empower your teams.

The Rally Software (CA Agile Central) Team Board gives your delivery teams and portfolio leaders a shared view to better plan, prioritize and track their work. This helps teams work more closely with each other (and other teams) to improve quality and speed delivery, no matter their methodology.

Enable continuous improvement.

Real-time performance metrics let you measure productivity, predictability, quality and responsiveness. And you can quickly adjust to continuously meet changing business goals.



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