The Broadcom Agile Project and Portfolio Management Solution, Rally (formerly CA Agile Central) has been designated, by Gartner, consulting company expert in information technologies, as a leader in the corresponding Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Agile Planning Tools 2019. Apta Solutions is a Broadcom partner in the implementation and consulting of Rally (CA Agile Central) for all EMEA.


The so-called “Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Agile Planning Tools” takes into consideration the different tool providers focused on software development through the use of agile methodologies, and evaluates their capacity according to a series of parameters associated with the acquisition decisions of these tools:

  • Ability to scale agility with agile business frameworks such as Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Scrum on a large scale (LeSS), Agile disciplined (DA), Nexus and Scrum
  • Good managing licensing, controlling costs and a well-integrated toolset that meets the needs of teams and leaders alike.
  • Tools adapted to supply both the public sector and regulated industries. Both are showing increased interest in developing enterprise-scale agile capabilities.
  • The increasing use of DevOps and its extension into the business means that parallel strategic commitments to agile development and governance are required.
  • The drive to provide continuous value has led enterprises to shift from a project-based software delivery approach to one that treats applications as products. The corresponding shift to product management places new demands on EAP tools.

Agile development methodologies are highly accelerated, iterative development processes. Are more valued those tools that provide:

  • Monthly, weekly and even daily deliverables based on business outcomes
  • Increased visibility into the flow of work
  • Requirements captured in epics, features, user stories and tasks
  • Collaborative and shift-left practices such as test-driven development and acceptance test automation

Why has Rally been named as a Enterprise Agile Planning Tool leader?

There is a relationship between the Agile Business Planning tools, the project portfolio management tools (PPM) and the product planning tools. Traditional PPM tools provide high-level information on enterprise resource planning and management, but may lack enterprise-class agile development support, and EAP tools, on the other hand, may not be compatible with management. of projects outside the agile frameworks. Finally, new trends in software development, considering the product ahead of the project, suggests that the need to have a product roadmap is an important capability. CA / Broadcom has responded to those needs of its customers with Rally (CA Agile Central) whose solution includes PPM, EAP and product roadmap through new developments and integrations.

Why choose Rally (CA Agile Central)?

Gartner recommends Rally (CA Agile Central) in its 2019 report to those organizations that need “best-of-breed agile project, program and portfolio management“. According to the consultant’s analysis, “CA Agile Central blends team-level functionality with PPM features. It has strengths in SAFe support, collaboration and portfolio management“. The report goes on to explain that one of the main advantages of the solution is that it “offers strong functionality for agile project, program and portfolio management“.

Another advantage mentioned by Gartner is that the manufacturer has “a good understanding of the enterprise agile market and has a history of responding well to market changes“, in addition to “a large product portfolio with support for enterprise-scale agile and DevOps“.

Do you want to discover the whole Gartner report on the Magic Quadrant of Agile business tools? Download it below

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