Broadcom has been named a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader in the Enterprise Agile Planning category for the sixth consecutive year. The report demonstrates a strong vision for the future, combining thought leadership with developer collaboration and DevOps. They also boast a healthy market presence and a proven track record of successful large-scale deployments. Finally, have an extensive partner network and a selection of convenient integrations, alongside expert training and implementation services.


Gartner has once again named Broadcom as a leader in this category. The fact is that Broadcom boasts two leading EAP solutions: Rally and Clarity. Thanks to a simple integration, these tools work side-by-side to provide an enterprise-scale solution supported by an extensive selection of planning and management features. In tandem, the tools offer next-level support for the SAFe agile framework that garners praise within the magic quadrant report. Similar acclaim is given to the market strategy and global partnerships established by the Broadcom team.

What are the Enterprise Agile Planning Tools?

Gartner defines enterprise agile planning tools as: “Products that enable organizations to scale their agile practices to support a holistic enterprise view.” Indeed, they provide the necessary software and integrations for the definition, planning, and management of critical business processes. Many regard them as the next generation of project-/team-centric tools that support an outcome-driven strategy to manage large-scale, agile product delivery initiatives. The solutions are steadily becoming mainstream as businesses coordinate enterprise-wide projects and streamline governance and leadership processes.

In doing so, they simplify processes such as:

  • Product road mapping
  • Strategy, investment, and objective management
  • Gaining visibility into the flow of work
  • Backlog management
  • Cross-function process management

Do you want to know all the details of the Gartner report on the Magic Quadrant for Agile Business Planning Tools 2022? Download it below

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