Projects are the base of the programs and portfolios and constitute the mode of transport for the execution of almost all strategies. An incorrectly planned or estimated project can have a negative impact on: results, products, organization costs, credibility and employees motivation. Project management with CA PPM makes it possible to ensure that:

  • Best practices and corporative methodologies are met:

  • Appropriate planes are created

  • All the barriers in terms of communication are removed reaching a precise and efficient execution of each project


If you can't find what you're looking for

CA PPM provides, in detail, everything expected from a project management tool, including:

Project plans construction with Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Time register

Workflows definition within the project

Templates based on best practices, libraries and tasks allocation

In terms of a project planning, Clarity includes an interactive Gantt chart that offers Project Managers the possibility to edit interactively and use free software like Open Workbench or alternative tools like Microsoft Project.

Pre-configured content to expedite the ROI

Recommended practices of CA PPM accelerators offer to the organizations PPM content immediately, designed to reduce the risk and the costs of implementation and at the same time it contributes to expedite its adoption by the final user. CA PPM users can use the advantages from both PMO accelerator and PRINCE2 accelerator.

With more than 50 panels, reports and inquiries, CA PPM PMO accelerator allows the organization to expedite project and portfolio management operations. These panels and analysis focused on projects are integrated in CA PPM and allows all the project management team to quickly adopt and use the recommended practices and perform project tasks more efficiently. The final result is the ability of executing projects and programs in a controlled, predictable and punctual way in accordance to the budget programme to satisfy the user at all times.

Plans from methodologies and recommended practice templates

Instead of starting from scratch, project managers can make their plans from methodologies and predefined templates and include them in CA PPM. Answers to questions about project profile generate automatically key tasks and landmarks or a whole breakdown working structure, including deliveries and selected recommendations of their own recommended practices methods. Project templates expedite the project creation process and facilitates the reuse of previous work. Templates take advantage from the wide functions of CA PPM workflows and they mean for the managers a way to shape the organization development process within the application.

Programme your projects rapid and efficiently

CA PPM allows to easily programme key tasks and landmarks, to manage project schedule and resources, as well as to group together several sub-projects in programmes to obtain a programming aggregation which allows an easy portfolio creation. Users programme project plans on the basis of the available resources and not on tasks duration obtaining a more realistic plan in less time. It also allows the creation of provisional schedules, to make changes, and to publish the schedule in the register plan without downloading any software or taking care of it. The solution also allows to assign transactions of projects funded internally to business units and departments in order to distribute the costs equally (what we call virtual bill).