CA PPM allows clients to define portfolio structure to adapt it to the existent business practices in a way that the structure and the department hierarchy are reflected. Costs and benefits analysis, financial analysis, risks analysis, business alignment, budget comparison, timeline (chronogram) and planning based on “what if…” scenarios are used for the evaluation of its functionalities and comparison of its portfolios.
Users can establish a parameter set to define resources and risks financial tresholds. CA PPM can calculate automatically a set of possible portfolios based on a series of investments. Furthermore, it allows workflow configuration for the portfolio management, helping the client to make sure all the stages are performed on a consistent and transparent way, including the initial idea, requests, development of the business case, portfolio evaluation and prioritization, portfolio balance, project approval and portfolio initiation and monitoring.


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The objective is to facilitate the decision making thanks to a structure environment to decide which projects, programs and initiatives should be funded, which should be maintained and which should be finished. Portfolio management with CA PPM provides executives with detailed information capable of answer key questions:

· Which is the project support and the available resources for the strategic initiatives?
· Does the set of potential projects guarantee long term growth and the return of the investment to the company
· Is the current project portfolio reaching the operative objectives and the desired performance?