CA PPM allows the Information Technologies Departments to give a greater visibility of the investments and the costs of the whole organization, decisively contributing to improve company productivity through clear and precise knowledge of your resources capacity and availability.

The CA PPM IT Portfolio Management comprises a set of real time planning tools which provide information of a service performance total cost and allow an individual comparison of all IT investments. The solution facilitates the control of all the components of an IT service offer establishing a scorecard mechanism which provides a quick and objective assets evaluation, including IT services, personnel, projects, applications, information centres, servers, etc.

Through the use of portfolio services, IT executives can answer questions such as:

  • How much does it cost to provide an IT service?
  • Are the allocated resources the appropriated to provide this service?
  • And, above all, which is the total cost of this service ownership?

IT business relations management module includes portals and charts designed to improve and simplify the IT capacity to interact with the business units of the service delivery area. Furthermore, it offers visibility to the company and to the IT department about the subscribed services, its state and the associate costs.

IT financial management module allows to do a complete financial planning of all the investments and IT services through the creation of a hierarchy of the investments involved in the service delivery, including assets, projects and applications. The capacity of creating an investment hierarchy results in a detailed vision of the total of the control, the cost measurement and the effort. It also provides fundamental financial information to develop budgets and general projections, apart from in-depth analysis from the IT portfolio level.


Risks and controls management module centralizes risks and controls of several business processes, areas and locations of an organization in a global storage to improve operational efficiency. By using the correspondence between the sector standards, such as COBIT, ISO17700, ITIL® and the new business and legislation requirements, the module provides risks and control reports relevant for all the company, based on multiple factors such as the specific regulations. This way we obtain the necessary prospect to manage the resources associated with the control implementation, tests, solutions and risks evaluation.

Through the service management module your organization will gain visibility for IT services managers. Thanks to CA PPM capacity to organize hierarchy investments you will be able to visualize in a simple way the cost of each service, each asset and each application that comprises it, knowing in real time how many incidences are associated to a service, application or asset, as well as the projects in which they are being executed for its improvement.