CA PPM 15.5.1 is the last release of the Project and Portfolio Management software Clarity (Broadcom). This release includes a bunch of interesting new features:

New features of Clarity (CA PPM) 15.5.1

1. Greater support for “Modern Ways of Working” with the ability to add due dates and owners to ToDo`s within a Tasks, as well as to add a Task Scoreboard. This Scoreboard allows managers to interactively monitor and update the status of any task in any company initiative.

2. A modern Demand Management user interface that allows to import, link and synchronize ad hoc investment types in your roadmaps. Furthermore, users can now configure the templates of Detail pages for adhoc investments via blueprints.

3. Continued evolution in the scope of roadmapping, with easier access to selection lists and the ability to hide or show columns in the roadmap board.

4. A further step towards the transformation of Project Management, with the addition of a project-based task grid, the ability of configure project sub-objects grid via the project blueprint and the adding of a way to show or hide columns in the project task board.

5. Some customers demands have been also included:

  • easier deletion of investments with posted transactions and timesheets to facilitate register retention compliance.
  • the addition of Teams data to the data warehouse, and the availability
  • two new PMO Accelerator reports for Project KPI Trending and Roadmap Timeline.

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