Troubleshooting in record time.

AI reduces alarm noise and automates corrective actions.

  • Analyze using AI models to assess application health, quality progression, hotspots and predict operational risks with DX OI.DX Operational Intelligence, Broadcom’s monitoring solution, provides 360° visibility and insight so developers, operations teams, SREs and business leaders can make better decisions. Thanks to its engine, it provides real-time risk assessments, actions and quality scores to improve every aspect of the DevOps lifecycle. For Saas mode, the AI platform is based on open-source code, integrating historical and real-time data from the entire DevOps lifecycle to generate actionable insights:
    • Aggregate data from planning, coding, construction, integration, testing and production.
    • Enables SREs and IT managers to proactively identify risks and make continuous improvements.

    And also:

    • DX Application Performance Management: the application monitoring solution that gives you a 360-degree view of user experience and application usage. It offers real-time insights into performance based on device type, app version, and location, as well as code-level visibility of problematic sessions and crashes to speed up triage, and insight into user behavior. This is achieved through:
      • A synthetic portal that:
        • Automatically generates application infrastructure topology.
        • Provides full diagnostics and in-depth Drill-Down analysis of code, application or infrastructure problems.
        • Detects anomalies, collects diagnostics and streamlines context-sensitive workflows for ease of use.
      • And an agent portal that:
        • Automatically detects and monitors all applications, infrastructure in the cloud and in containers.
        • Zero-touch deployment: no application image changes, application or container restarts needed. Possible as a Docker/Kubernetes/OpenShift service.
        • Full stack visibility: from OpenShift/Kubernetes container infrastructure, through applications, JMX agent or instrumentation agent, to critical OpenShift/Kubernetes services—Prometheus agent.
    • DX Infrastructure Management: the system and storage monitoring solution that provides a unified view and monitors your infrastructure. This includes storage, physical and virtual servers, and operating systems, whether in the cloud, hybrid, or local mode. This is achieved through:
      • Immediate support for the most popular cloud and on-premise technologies:
        • AWS, Azure, VMware and hyper-converged infrastructure.
        • Kubernetes, OpenShift, PCF and Docker.
      • Automated discovery and mass deployment of surveillance profiles according to your practices.
      • Internal and external monitoring for AWS, Azure and Docker.
      • Native probes for on-site architecture monitoring.
      • Simulation capability (What-If) to plan gradual migration to the cloud.
    • DX NetOps Performance Management: the network monitoring solution which enables the combination of large-scale network monitoring with packet transmission statistics and events from Broadcom silicon to enable anticipation of congestion, packet loss and latency. This is achieved through:
      • A unified portal that delivers operational dashboards through multivendor technology support, providing performance, defects and workflows for support engineers.
      • Supporting modern networks and architectures, monitoring SD-WAN, NFV and multivendor cloud networks with complete data visibility, including advanced application performance analysis.
      • A complementary self-learning artificial intelligence platform that provides comprehensive algorithmic correlation/prediction/analysis of alarms, metrics, logs and topologies.

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Troubleshooting in record time

Thanks to AI reducing alarm noise and automating corrective actions.



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