Enterprise Reporting software from Jaspersoft gives organizations the ability to generate large volumes of print ready & interactive reports and dashboards that provide end-users with the ability to interact with their data inside or outside their organization. Report against any data including Big Data sources and deliver to any mobile device in an easy-to-read, highly interactive format for business users.

Interactive Reporting

Design interactive pixel perfect and/or ad hoc based reports for the web, the printer or mobile device.

  • Interactive report viewer provide table and chart changes including sorting, filtering, conditional formatting, moving/hiding columns, string search, zoom in/out, along with format changes that can be saved for re-use
  • Report snapshots deliver rapid response time to user interactions reducing query impact to underlying source systems
  • Embeddable interactive viewer lets you integrate interactive reports inside web applications or distribute in email to your entire company

Pixel-Perfect Reports

  • Highly formatted print-ready reports for client statements and invoices can contain barcodes, charts, images, powerful expressions, and more
  • Create reports from any data source, including Big Data, NoSQL, JDBC, XML, JSON, CSV, Hibernate, POJO and Web Services
  • Reports published in PDF, XLS, XLSX, XML, HTML, PPT, CSV, DOC, ODT and JSON
  • Jaspersoft Studio,the next-generation iReport Designer for Eclipse, speeds development of pixel-perfect and advanced reports

Self-Service Ad Hoc Reporting

  • Easy-to-use, drag-and-drop report designer lets you build interactive crosstabs, tables, and chart-based reports using a standard browser or mobile device
  • Build reports from relational and non-relational sources, including Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra and more
  • Metadata layer with data virtualization for multi-source access manages data security while simplifying its underlying structure for non-technical users

*original resource: https://www.jaspersoft.com/reporting-software

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