Experts from different areas of IT from some of Europe’s leading companies met this week in Paris to discuss and share how their departments are managing the new reality of remote and hybrid working. Management, planning, process automation and infrastructure monitoring were the areas of focus at the event, organised by Apta Solutions and Broadcom Software at the Châteauform Le Cnit in Paris (La Défense).

During the event, we enjoyed the presence of international speakers and testimonies of success stories that helped us to understand, first-hand, the value generated for companies and customers.

Iben Lambrechts, Tribe Release Engineer of Agile CoE at BNP Paribas

The event, led by the Sales Director of Apta Solutions (Tricise Group), Xavier Mahavé, began with the participation of Iben Lambrechts, Tribe Release Engineer of Agile CoE at BNP Paribas, who explained from his experience in his organisation, how we can maintain or improve our work dynamics without altering organisational objectives, as well as effectively manage remote teams in a big company.

Domenico Cotugno. The Manager Automation Customer Success and Support at Apta Solutions (Tricise Group)

This was followed by the remote presentation, given by Domenico Cotugno. The Manager Automation Customer Success and Support at Apta Solutions (Tricise Group) showed us the functionalities of Broadcom Automation solutions, Dollar Universe and Automic Automation and the ability of the Tricise Group to offer support for all Broadcom products anywhere in the world, but in the local language of our customers.

Philippe Lemonnier (Apta Solutions) and Andrés Beato (Telefónica)

Philippe Lemonnier, COO of Apta Solutions (Tricise Group), and Andrés Beato Ollero, SDN – Cloud Engineer at Telefónica, discussed the increase of process automation in organisations and how it affects the improvement of efficiency and quality in IT management in different work environments.

Eric Deschamps, Broadcom Software Solutions Engineer

The session ended with Broadcom Software Solutions Engineer Eric Deschamps presenting the session “Observabilité : maîtriser vos infrastructures non managées et distantes”, through which we understood how, through a combination of real-time performance monitoring and machine learning-driven analytics, Broadcom’s software comprehensively helps our customers achieve success through unified visibility on a large scale. In addition, we had the opportunity to learn about the newly acquired Broadcom AppNeta, a perfect complement to AIOps deployments, as it extends the traditional view into ISP, SaaS and cloud provider networks. This enables complete visibility of delivery, to any user, on any device, over any network, from anywhere in the world.

Once the presentation was over, a question and answer session followed, where a very good atmosphere was created, and the attendees were able to solve any doubts that had arisen from the different presentations of the workshop.

Closure and lunch

Once the event was over, it was time for lunch, where the attendees continued to discuss the day in a productive networking at the Châteauform Le Cnit, in Paris (La Défense), a charming place that was testimony to the event organised by Apta Solutions (Tricise Group) in collaboration with Broadcom Software. A success both from the point of view of professional relationships, as well as the spirit and good atmosphere among the attendees.