Apta offers a range of services to help its clients to accelerate the tool implementation process, to focus on those items requiring a more immediately action and to increase the business value quickly and effectively. We consider of vital importance our clients evaluate their requirements and plan the software implementation methodologically, using our experience in relation to it.

Best practices, lessons learned and reusable contents accumulated over the years places us as an expert organization performing quick implantations maximising the ROI of the acquisition of the CA PPM tool. Our know-how guarantees a high degree of users’ satisfaction, either with the On Premise type or with the cloud services, On SaaS.

About configuration and implementation we include the following services:

– CA PPM implantations.

Development and deployment of new functional modules.

Development of portlets and reports offering slight and quick solutions readily by you organization.

Migrations from the systems.

Integration with third parties tools (SAP, Human Resources, Financer, JIRA…)