The most relevant new feature that includes the latest version of Clarity PPM (15.6), regarding Demand Management, is the expansion and improvement of the customer experience: now the user will have the ability to view, edit, add and import ideas directly from the new user interface, as well as linking and synchronizing ideas in the roadmaps. In this way, the ideas acquire greater simplicity and functionality in this version 15.6, which includes: a new grid with filters, classification, configuration, columns selection and saved views. Likewise, the user can also associate a roadmap to an OBS and synchronize the corresponding personalized attributes. This additional support for roadmaps will save time and facilitate access to information with the selected filters.

Compatibility for ideas in the New user experience

As we mentioned, one of the main functionalities that this reléase includes, is a new page and standard grid layout for viewing ideas in the New User Experience. Administrators can grant a new Ideas – Navigate access right (view-only license type) that allows users to click the new Ideas item in the main menu. The new Ideas grid supports familiar filters, sorting, column selection, settings, and saved views.

clarity PPM ideas management

Import, link and synchronize ideas in route maps

clarity ppm ideas roadmap

In addition, those responsible for business development can can now create, import, link, and sync ideas as roadmap items to visualize ideation and manage demand. For example, when you begin your fiscal year planning process, instead of manually creating roadmap items, save time by selecting existing ideas and importing them as new proposals or business opportunities into a planning roadmap.

You can find ideas by name or through the OBS and select the ones that you want to import into your roadmap grid, board, or timeline. Similar to the way projects can link to roadmap items within a given roadmap scenario, you can now link an idea to a roadmap item. Administrators can designate which active ideas are available to be imported or linked to roadmap items. You can even select which ideas and attributes are synchronized and control when the sync takes place. will occur.

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