Broadcom Software takes the lead for the third year in the 2023 Radar Report for Network Observability. The Gigaom Research report recognizes NetOps as the top vendor in providing valuable insights & deep visibility into network data.

Gigaom refers to network observability as “a network monitoring system that collects a complete and diverse set of network data to provide deep visibility and actionable insights into the current and future state of a network.”

Additionally, industry analysts say that “network observability is a category of platforms and tools that go beyond device-centric network monitoring to provide truly relevant, end-to-end visibility and intelligence for all the traffic in your network, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or anywhere else.”
It’s really all about the data, what you do with it, and what it does for you. Multi technologies (old and new) via multiple protocols collecting a broad set of network data across multi-vendors is a mandate now for network operations teams.

Precise root cause isolation and remediation recommendations based on all the data available on your networks for analysis is the only way to accurately achieve actionable insights derived from this data. Then, when you extend these industry-leading capabilities beyond the edge of the network, into ISP, cloud, and SaaS environments, you get an award-winning network observability solution.

Broadcom is named a Leader: access the full report

Broadcom strives to push the limits of network visibility, end-to-end monitoring and leading-edge innovations. Now, with AppNeta, Broadcom is helping customers to extend their user experience network monitoring and management beyond the edge of their networks. “We are proud to be recognized, for the third year in a row, as the highest-scoring leader in network observability by GigaOm for pushing the limits of end-user experience network monitoring,” says Serge Lucio, head of Broadcom’s Agile Operations Division. “No other vendor has the depth and breadth of coverage across any network architecture, whether managed or unmanaged, anywhere in the world, to protect our customers’ critical business services.”

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What will you learn about Network Observability from this report?

  • 1. Broadcom outscores all other vendors in the report for dynamic discovery, validation, traffic analysis, troubleshdooting, security observability, and monitoring of application and Layer 7 resources.

  • 2. Broadcom brings user experience metrics into the network operations center (NOC) for a better understanding of the network delivery performance impact on applications and users; along with end-to-end network performance.

  • 3. NetOps by Broadcom offers comprehensive visibility across all types of enterprise network infrastructure, including network edge and out to ISP, SaaS, and cloud provider networks.

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