Financial management in CA PPM means budget information handling, from the financial planning to the transactions and chargeback processes:

  • Financial planning: have at your disposal financial summaries to know in detail the budget information. Manage your investments using financial indicators such as VPM and ROI. The objectives to achieve are:
    ·To calculate and predict costs and benefits for future investments
    · To know accurately the costs and/or benefits origins in a short period of time.
    · Depending on the different grouping criteria or attributes considered appropriate the costs and benefits can be disgregate.
    · To fit your budget to your business needs.
  • Transaction processes: transactions are used to obtain the total cost of the labour, material, equipment and other incurred costs made for investments. All will be reflected on the financial plans.

  • Chargebacks: chargebacks are used to represent transfers between accounts of the investments or services costs to the departments.

In short, financial management in CA PPM is able to administer all the budget of the organization in real time establishing a set of parameters that allows us to know daily the deviations we are incurring.