The Dollar Universe 2022 User Club is a reality. Last week, the first of these sessions was held in Paris, jointly organised by Apta Solutions and Broadcom, in a very pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

The day began with a presentation by Pascal GENDRON and Yohan JANOLIN, from Broadcom, who presented the company’s vision in the area of automation. The conference provided an insight into the importance that Broadcom gives to Dollar Universe in the field of automation, as well as the orientations adopted for its evolution.

Frédéric CALOON, from Broadcom, gave a detailed presentation of the Dollar Universe V7 roadmap, giving the attendees the opportunity to vote about the solution features according to their expectations.

The session was followed by technical demonstrations, including one by Luc Plisson from ITS Integra about the Dollar Universe clustering, based on a customer case and fully realised under real-world conditions.

The morning ended with a talk by Domenico COTUGNO, Solution Manager Automation at Apta Solutions, during which he presented functionalities that are little known to users but are nonetheless useful and effective. This presentation also allowed us to witness the activation of a Dollar Universe job through the Google Assistant.

After lunch, the afternoon was devoted to discussing the future of the Club, its organisation and the topics that users would like to see addressed in future sessions. It is worth noting that some users have already requested to make presentations during the next edition, demonstrating the desire for interaction and sharing of ideas that all participants are looking forward to.

Finally, breakout sessions were held to discuss specific issues, such as Move2Cloud and V7.

The success of the event suggests that further Dollar Universe User Club sessions will be held in the near future.