CA PPM is prepared for the organizations to deal with the development and introduction of new products balancing abilities and resources needed among the different product lines, through all the stages of the life cycle itself, obtaining an optimal strategic, financial and operational impact.

CA PPM “New Product Development” (NPD) functionalities integrate in a unique way product portfolio management aligning innovation and business strategy; management from ideas generation to market launch automating innovation processes such as Stage-Gate® and PACE; requirements planning guaranteeing the products offer the functions clients value the most; monitoring projects planning distributing limited resources equally among development projects of new products in process; and projects and resources management improving projects execution.

Clarity NPD module provides solid functions, content and configurability necessaries to complete portfolio management four stages.

Creation of portfolio models

Inventory of existing products

Planning and analysis

Evaluation of performance

In short, CA PPM provides performance analysis exhaustive functions and a series of control panels to display real costs and benefits of your product development projects, answering key questions such as:

– Are we investing in the right products?

– Have we got resources assigned to the most important products?

– Are we obtaining sales and benefits expected in the selection process?

– Are our innovation results improving?