Accelerate your processes and make them more reliable.

All the benefits of automation for an up-to-date, constantly evolving IT.

Select, prioritize and execute your deployments based on the current pipeline with Continuous Delivery Director (CDD).

Continuous Delivery Director, Broadcom’s continuous software delivery solution, is named a leader in “The Forrester WaveTM: Continuous Delivery And Release Automation Q2 2020” report! Renowned for its advanced analytics and release automation, Continuous Delivery Director comes with a graphical canvas describing the deployment process that can be managed as code and executed in the scripting language of teams’ choice.

And also:

  • Automic Automation: a solution for automating business and IT processes in a complex and diverse landscape of applications, platforms and technologies. It can handle complex workloads, from microservices to mainframes:
    • A single point of automation on mainframe, distributed and SaaS platforms.
    • Native control of applications ranging from ERP systems to business intelligence and big data.
    • A collaborative platform of add-on modules and templates to extend the scope of automation and meet the specific needs of your organization.
    • Complete auditing and control of all automated processing and business activity to keep processes in compliance with company regulations.
  • Dollar Universe: a solution for optimizing high-volume IT workloads in hybrid and heterogeneous environments. Dollar Universe’s peer-to-peer architecture facilitates software deployment and evolution, while limiting the risk of a single point of catastrophic failure. In two words: easy and robust.

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Agile planning and management

Solutions for informed decision-making and efficient implementation within your information system.


Quality control

Test under production conditions, early and often.


Accelerate your processes and make them more reliable

All the benefits of automation for an up-to-date, constantly evolving IS.


Troubleshooting in record time

Thanks to AI reducing alarm noise and automating corrective actions.



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