CA PPM has a module which allows the organization to manage the set of demands from the project strategic management (through portfolio) to the operational and not planned through incidents and service requirements. Apart from that CA PPM users can manage their innovation processes through the generation of ideas which later can be transformed into products, services or projects.

The tool gives a holistic vision of all the necessary elements, included in the project work, service work and the requests generated by incidents reaching a dynamic balance between them. At the same time, it is linked with the financial and resources management modules to provide complete information about the time spent by the employees (internal or external) on the project and the work oriented to the service. The result of this system is that it generates the precise requirements for the resources projection and a better control over the cost of the existing systems.

Often, requests are prioritized without having a general vision of its effects on the organization work. As a result, unplanned work often consumes more resources than the initially projected.
CA PPM facilitates the unplanned work control. After registering the incidences and the services requests from the technical support department, it evaluates them to identify their effect, urgency and priority. The requests meeting certain criteria can be transformed into tasks or new projects and then be manage with CA PPM, that also registers the cost related to this unplanned work. That allows IT department to issue a charge-back to the companies submitting the requests.
CA PPM uses an exhaustive financial management to obtain in detail the analysis of the incidences costs and other unplanned works. Through a rates matrix system, the tool automatically calculates how much you are spending on works due to incidences and other requests on the basis of the allocated resources.
Information about costs and incidences provided by CA PPM links services costs -as well as the number of incidences and requests- to the corresponding IT investments such as applications, assets, products and services which allows portfolio managers to take the best decisions about IT investments, including the ones that have to be boosted, maintained, consolidated or withdraw.

Ideas management is the key for an appropriate business management since it will provide you with a register solution, classification, evaluation and approving products and technologies, as well as projects and initiatives requests in an early stage which can be applied to the whole of the company. Organization users can introduce ideas through forms and established fields which register the correct information and send it to the relevant editors for its evaluation and utilization. Once ideas are approved, users can turn them into the appropriate project, asset, use or register of the product. At this point, portfolio planning, resources allocation and costs and times monitoring can start at the requested time.