Broadcom’s Project & Portfolio Management solution, Clarity PPM, has been named, once again, the leader of Gartner’s magical quadrant in 2019, in the project portfolio management report that evaluates the solutions of different manufacturers. In the case of Clarity PPM, the integral vision of the software, its capacity to offer results, as well as the definition of its roadmap, have been decisive for the achievement of this distinction.

Continuous delivery to which companies are subject in the current market, requires that those responsible for the Project Portfolio implement different tools, capabilities and PPM consulting services to meet their current needs. The scalability of the business in the digital field requires that Project & Portfolio Managers adopt new approaches to strategic planning and execution, and successfully lead Initiatives and business transformation programs. These PPM leaders must adopt multiple business planning tools to support decision making without falling into technological redundancy. Therefore, connecting strategy and execution to achieve true alignment is as important now as allowing these two main functions of PPM to operate independently of one another when appropriate.

New market challenges for Project & Portfolio Management

The latest digital trends present some clear challenges for the PPM market, and these challenges have not yet been met. There are new emerging approaches for both strategic planning and execution that require a more innovative PPM technology. The demand for the latest digital technologies (for example, Artificial Intelligence, robotic process automation [RPA]) in all business software markets is also putting pressure on suppliers in the PPM market.

The challenges of digital technology for the PPM market include, among others:

  • Alignment and management of strategy and execution.
  • Decision making of standardized business portfolio connected to diversified execution and delivery
  • Continuous change
  • Support the change from project-based management to management based on digital products
  • Financing of agile investments at the portfolio level.
  • Financing and resources of digital products at the portfolio level.
  • PPM technology enabled for AI, including artificial intelligence conversational and machine learning (ML)
  • PPM technology enabled for RPA
  • Seller’s strengths and precautions

Clarity PPM (Broadcom / CA Technologies), best Portfolio and Project Management tool

Broadcom (CA Technologies) offers a reference product in the field of Project & Portfolio Management. On the one hand, Clarity PPM, which has the possibility of local installation and SaaS, and on the other, Broadcom Rally, which provides an agile development tool. Both can be acquired as independent tools or integrated with each other.

The main reasons why the Broadcom solution (Clarity PPM) has been designated as leader are the following:

  • Greater flexibility and more options for larger clients, thanks to a new pricing and licensing model: this new model allows customers to change the type of license from team members to advanced users. In this way, it is not necessary for the clients to advance a fixed set of different types and quantities of licenses before buying, since this new model allows a more varied consumption.
  • Continuous transformation of the Clarity PPM user experience, extending its new and modern UX throughout the entire solution. A new design that has been praised by customers and end users, including both team members, project managers and portfolio managers.
  • The integration between Clarity PPM and Rally allows clients to standardize agile communication at the portfolio level, as well as strategic alignment and decision making, while supporting agile and cascading approaches to work management. The integration also allows Clarity to organize the financing of agile work.

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