The acquisition of CA Technologies by Broadcom is a very good new, both for customers who use CA products, and for partners, who provide these products support and consultancy. In the specific case of AptaSolutions group, we are particularly pleased with this new scenario since, as Broadcom recently announced, the multinational plans to make a large investment in this business line, especially in the PPM and Agile products, initiating a new chapter in the life of Clarity (CA PPM) and Rally (CA Agile Central).

How will this operation benefit Clarity (CA PPM) and Rally (CA Agile Central?

Indeed, those companies that have implemented the leader solutions in Project & Portfolio Management and Agile Planning (as confirmed by the Gartner reports of the last 15 years), will enjoy an improvement in the value and performance associated to this product. These are some of the main advantages related with this new scenario.

  • Higher investment in R&D and product development.
  • A closer working relationship between product development and sales.
  • Improvement and personalization in implementation and support services, thanks to the support and trust of strategic partners such as AptaSolutions. (This new scenario is derived from a reduction in the provision of consulting services by Broadcom / CA, in favor of its strategic partners, as is the case of AptaSolutions, who can professionally assume the needs of Clarity (CA PPM) and Rally (CA Agile Central) customers in terms of implementation and support service’s needs).

Clarity (CA PPM) and Rally (CA Agile Central) services

About Apta Solutions Services

Apta Solutions provides expert PPM consulting services to support organizations in the journey of agile transformation. Apta offers consulting services from assessment to adoption, ensuring that customers get the best solutions to achieve their goals.

  • Assessment and consulting: advising and consulting services to assure that clients maximize the value of return of the investment
  • Technical support: helping organizations of all sizes and sophistication level to achieve better business outcomes.
  • Managing support: finding valid and experienced resources in CA PPM (before, Clarity)

What can Apta Solutions do for you?

  • Implementation of Clarity (CA PPM) and Rally (CA Agile Central):

Apta Solutions offers a range of services to help its customers accelerate the implementation process of Clarity (CA PPM) and Rally (CA Agile Central) solutions, focus on those points that require immediate action as well as to increase business value quickly and effectively. Best practices, lessons learned and reusable contents that have been accumulated over the years, position us as an expert organization in achieving quick and efficient implementations maximizing the ROI of the acquisition of the Clarity (CA PPM) and Rally (CA Agile Central) solutions.

  • Clarity (CA PPM) and Rally (CA Agile Central) consultancy

We offer our clients a first level consultancy that allows analyzing strengths, weaknesses and objectives, as well as a set of recommendations and improvements based on years of experience and best practices obtained with the use of the PPM / Agile methodology. As a result, our clients are able to prevent costly iterative developments, while avoiding common application errors and revitalizing the value of Project & Portfolio Management methodologies and proposals in the organization.

  • Clarity (CA PPM) and Rally (CA Agile Central) Technical support

Clarity (CA PPM) and Rally (CA Agile Central) are solutions under a continuous improvement process, which require a high degree of adaptation to the needs of the organization, the market or the business. Our extensive experience with organizations of all sizes and different professional sectors has allowed us to implement complex solutions and to develop a large number of customizations and add-ons for Clarity (CA PPM) and Rally (CA Agile Central). We provide a wide range of implementation, migration and system update services, customizations and support services. Extending the value of Clarity (CA PPM) through its integration with other solutions is a common requirement. Our range of predefined integrations contributes to time and cost savings in the processes of enterprise software integrations.

  • Performance Audit

The diagnosis and evolution Audit of a Clarity (CA PPM) installation allows Apta Solutions to obtain a complete vision of the implementation, with the aim of extracting the maximum performance from the solution functionalities. Clarity (CA PPM) is a platform that helps prioritizing market and customer requirements and thus offers the possibility to its users to make the best decisions, aligned with the organization’s strategy, and with daily operations. The different modules, Add-Ins and functionalities that the solution brings, will ostensibly help to improve the organization processes. From Apta Solutions we can conduct an initial study to define what level of use is currently being given to the platform. This service includes between 2-3 days of analysis on the different roles used by Clarity (CA PPM) and will be specified in:

  • Functional study
  • Analysis of the level of use
  • Conclusions and general recommendations
  • Clarity (CA PPM) and Rally (CA Agile Central) Training

Apta Solutions has Project & Portfolio Management training school, the PPM School, through which a highly varied range of PPM training products is offered. Apta Solutions is one the leading European companies in the implementation and consultancy of the Clarity (CA PPM) and Rally (CA Agile Central solutions, and therefore in the training of the tool as well. From our experience, those users who receive Clarity (CA PPM) and Rally (CA Agile Central training achieve a higher adoption rate of the solution. In addition, those companies that hire our services gain access to Odpe + platform, a Clarity (CA PPM) and Rally (CA Agile Central) document database, with information, news, tool improvements and updates in a practical and intuitive online content manager.