Business planning based on work teams; better strategic vision from the Project Portfolio to the execution thereof; greater configurability of the tool and better integration of CA PPM with CA Agile Central. These are the four main improvements that CA Technologies has implemented in the new version of CA PPM 15.5 which is available from September 2018. Find the main advantages of this new version in the following summary of the anaylsis performed by Apta Solutions

Business Planning based on Team Management


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Business Planning based on the Team Management has been one of the needs most demanded by advanced companies and their corresponding PMOs. Now, with the new version of CA PPM it is possible to define, assign and send timesheets to the members of the teams, even via mobile applications, and perform tasks like filling out the cost plans with the equipment data or managing teams as single resources, with a significant effort reduction and thus assuming a positive impact on the quality of the reports.


Roadmapping allows top-down strategy planning though execution is bottom-up performed. With the new version, we have a more complete view of resources information. The portfolio capacity planning and predictive scenarios of “What If” is understood and showed as a portfolio management concept (from top to bottom), but with all data exchanged in daily project management and execution (bottom to top).

Agility in configuration

Configurable Investment Types ca ppm

Agility in configuration of the new version (mainly in relation with investment types) allows organizations to tag, organize and track their work according to the specific terminology each department uses to deal with. Many times, wording and concepts vary within the organization. To adapt communication management to each context contributes to avoid unnecessary confusion when, for example, a delivery change is implemented.

CA PPM and CA Agile Central integration

The integration between CA PPM and CA Agile Central facilitates the balance between organizational agility and governance capacity of corporate portfolios. This new concept of Portfolio Management, both waterfall and agile (and/or hybrid) requires, on one hand, the combination of processes within the working groups and, at the same time, a high degree of maturity in the organization agile culture. Big changes are not easy for large corporations, but when data and working methods are aligned with best practices and the company is flexible enough to adapt, professionals have the chance to become the real leaders of business transformation.