July 2019

Apta Solutions, Capture and Ignite Technology form Alliance TRICISE

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The Biggest Value-Added Partner in Europe and Latin America for Broadcom’s Enterprise Software and Mainframe Solutions. Apta Solutions, Capture and Ignite Technology are pleased to announce [...]

June 2019

Clarity PPM (Broadcom), best Project & Portfolio Management tool 2019 (Gartner)

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Broadcom's Project & Portfolio Management solution, Clarity PPM, has been named, once again, the leader of Gartner's magical quadrant in 2019, in the project portfolio management [...]

May 2019

April 2019

March 2019

January 2019

Apta Solutions, new Official Partner of Broadcom in Europe

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APTAsolutions has been officially selected as a new global partner of Broadcom (the company that has recently acquired the former (CA Technologies) for Europe. Apta´s relevance as a [...]

New features of Clarity (CA PPM) 15.5.1 (last release)

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CA PPM 15.5.1 is the last release of the Project and Portfolio Management software Clarity (Broadcom). This release includes a bunch of interesting new features: [...]

November 2018

Apta Solutions, Broadcom partner in the provision of Clarity (CA PPM) and Rally (CA Agile Central) services

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The acquisition of CA Technologies by Broadcom is a very good new, both for customers who use CA products, and for partners, who provide these products support and consultancy. In [...]

CA PPM and CA Agile Central, among Broadcom’s main bets

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The US company Broadcom, a world leader in technology, which designs, develops and supplies semiconductor and infrastructure software solutions, has announced that it has already completed [...]

October 2018

CA PPM, the best 2018 Project, Program and Portfolio Management Solution, according to Gartner

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The best tool for Project, Program and Portfolio Management is, one more year, CA PPM (formerly Clarity). This is the main conclusion drawn from the 2018 [...]

Apta Solutions expands its leadership in PPM throughout Europe

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Apta Solutions Group expands its brand all over EMEA. The international IT consulting company, focused on providing Project and Portfolio Management solutions (PPM) for agile organizations, [...]

CA PPM 15.5: Main improvements of the new CA PPM version

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Business planning based on work teams; better strategic vision from the Project Portfolio to the execution thereof; greater configurability of the tool and better integration of CA [...]

Ca Agile Central and Safe, Solutions to the Process of Business Transformation

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How can large organizations deal with the volatility and evolution of the market? How do they face the corresponding process of Business Transformation? and ultimately, how [...]