One of the most desirable and valuable outcomes in Project Portfolio Management is the reporting and analysis. CA PPM has integrated Jaspersoft, one of the most powerful analysis tools in the market, to optimize analysis and reporting for portfolios and projects

Advanced Reporting with Jaspersoft allows you to create ad hoc views directly from CA PPM data. You can save the information as a report, display a dashboard, or share it using different formats. Furthermore, you can run a report immediately or you can set up a recurring schedule, in either case, controlling the output method and delivery format.

We help companies to save a lot of time and money in their daily work developing specific reports on demand or by coaching, either to CA PPM users who want to analyze CA PPM data and create reports without needing an in-depth understanding of SQL and the CA PPM Data model, or administrators and technical users who want to understand technical aspects of Jaspersoft and understand how to write reports in CA PPM using Jaspersoft Studio.


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Integrate Jaspersoft reports in CA PPM